Our Services

Our Work

Our Process

  1. Discovering

    We ask for your requirements and discover our options of delivering you the product in the best way possible. Throughout this process, you become an integral part of development.

  2. Strategizing

    Once we’ve taken your requirements, we start strategizing to come up with the best development path. Throughout this process, our experts ensure that every part is as per to your standard.

  3. Design

    This is the phase where our endeavours to turn your concept into a full-blown app. Our designers, working closely with the product head start developing an architectural framework of your product. That framework than goes through quality control to decide upon good clickable prototypes.

  4. Development

    After the rigorous process of scrutinizing the design through multiple quality checks, we start the development. Here, the development team starts giving life to your application. At the start of each day, a meeting happens where we carefully decide out next development step. At the end of each day, the taken step is analyzed and feedback is taken.

  5. Testing

    Testing happens after each module design and development. Our quality assurances team scrutinizes every minute details of the app-in-development to come up with as many test cases as possible. We employ regression tests to see if the changes made impacted other parts of the project. Once we’ve developed the application, we employ white and black box testing techniques.

  6. Launch

    Once we’ve developed the product exactly as you asked, have tested and verified it and run it through other post-development scrutiny, we begin the launching phase. We move the cloud-based infrastructure and code to the server and make your product available for your end users.